A letter to my beloved sister

Dear Sis,
Writing is what keeps the ball rolling, you see, people do not really get to talk as much as we would in the management industry as a whole. There are a lot of things that are completely uncertain, and we need to correspond a lot to get things sorted out in the long run. This piece of work is actually a statement of purpose. Something that we write to let the reader know why I am doing what I am doing, or what I want to be doing. It’s something that helps you get into jobs and placed for contracts. People in the management industry do not read a lot. They often glance through and try to understand things by assuming most of it. There have been many a CEO who have gone to the podium and read a speech prepared to them by their juniors and found pages missing, that’s something that makes people laugh all the time.
About the memories part. I’m sorry sister. I should have know that she was an evil person, even that day, she texted one of her other boy friends in the morning asking for him to be there to wish her. She was, to say the least, the worst kind of woman. I was being childish, and immature, It was a mistake to have been associated with a girl like her and a family like that. My fondest memory that day was to be there for you, the feeling that made me run up the stairs against the security personnel, I just wanted to wish you luck. I’m sorry I was not much of a brother to you, I don’t know if I will ever be, but, with all my heart. I will always love you sis.
Good night,
Your idiot brother.

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