The messengers of happiness

The world is so full of joy. It’s just that we fail to see it. During the course of the last two weeks, I was deeply depressed and knowing that I could be betrayed by the one I thought of as something nothing short of pure divinity. Apparently, I was wrong.

Nelson Anna, The man who calls me “sir”.
I did not know his name until last night, you might not know his name too, he happens to be a security personnel at IIM Trichy. Ever since the day I saw him here, he has been sad, and he never smiled. I did not know why, but then, I knew that this man needed help. In him, I saw my father, would I have left my dad feel sad and do nothing about it? No.

Everyday for the past 2 months, whenever I saw him, I used to go to him, bump my fist into his, and ask him to smile. He used to be so happy to see me after I did that a couple of times, we had snacks together, we used to smile at each other when we cross glances, and we used to do this thing that was symbiotic. We were messengers of each others joy.

Yesterday, he spoke to me, and asked me why I was sad and not smiling anymore. And I told him what had happened,
and he just said, “Thank God this happened now, and not in the future”.
“Why”, I asked him.
“Karthik” he said, Looking into my eyes, “Some bad things happen to us for a reason, In the Bible, it says, Bad things happen because good things are to follow”
“really?” I questioned, “What makes you think I am a good man?, afterall, I was blamed for not being there for her when she needed me” I said, with sadness glooming in my heart once again.
“You know something Karthik, for the past 2 months I was sad, because My kid has kidney failure. I was in a lot of pain, it costed me 2 lakh to cure him, and I did not have the money. Everyday, you used to smile at me, and make me smile back, that’s what kept me going. I realised that there were good people in my life I could go to for help only after seeing you”
I was patiently listening, I did not know how to respond.
He then continued, “They came through for me Karthik, my child is now safe, and I am happy, he is taking rest at home, and I will be with him in the morning when he wakes up”
I smiled. I was happy I made a difference in his life.
he went on. ” There are two hundred students in this college, and not one cared about me, not the teachers, not the students, not the staff, but you did.You’re a good person, and If someone could betray your trust, then that someone was not worth it in the first place”
I smiled, I smiled, and I smiled some more.
“Life has to go on, there are people who need jobs, children who need education, and families that need food and money, I can’t be like this, I came here to study, and that’s what I will do”
“Be happy Karthik, A very beautiful and loving girl will find you some day”

Perhaps she will, Perhaps she won’t. That does not really matter to me.
What matters is, I made a man smile, and he came back through to make me smile.
It’s not someone else who is the messenger of our happiness, it’s us. We just forget it sometimes.

Compassion is everything in a man’s life. If you can make someone smile, do try. you will succeed.

Karthikeyan Balakumar


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