I heard Hemanand shout out loud,” Karthik, the clocks are not working anymore”
I was just waking up, there was no power as usual, and the sweating had woken me up just a second before he ended up finding out how loud he could shout.
“What happened Hema?” I asked.
“like I said, the time pieces has stopped working. come have a look”
He dragged me into his room and made me look the lower right corner of his cluttered desktop. Where it used to say “7.30 am” ( The time there was never any power) it now said, ” 00.103 prs”.

“prs, whats that supposed to mean” I asked quizzed. Thinking profusely about why he was trying to make today look like April 1. I went back to my room in a jolt, and had a look at my own watch. And to my surprise, I found that the hours hand was repeatedly overtaking the seconds hand. my computer too had the prs scale, realing 01.106 prs now.

The only conclusion, time has passed. But what is happenening?

Just at that moment, when we were desperate for answers, we heard an almost heavenly voice speak.
“Your MO classes will start in 15 prs”
We had no idea what that mean, we rushed to finish our brushing and bathing and eating and running, and were were in class in what seemed to us like 5 in the past minutes.
Mr. Kannan was in his place. Like usual. With a warm smile and a lot of confidence. He was there, standing, and I looked at him and smiled, he smiled back. Soon, all of our confused classmate souls came in, and the class commenced.

Mr. Kannan started,
“Organisational change is a slow phenomenon, people will be people and they will not be able to adapt to things over night”
there was then a little more silence, and he continued,
“Just like you boys and girls today, when the time scale was shifted from the 24 hour clock cycle to a hypothetical prs cycle, you were clueless”

what went on in my mind after he said that is only for me to know. But then, all the confusion that was created was cleared, and we went back to our hostels in peace after then classes were over. Once again, snuggling into bed and going back to sleep.

The next day, i heard another voice wake me up.. No idea who..

“WHAT THE ****, where did all the buckets go?? and for God’s sake, How did the taps and pipes disappear??”

Another wonderfully educative class was just about to begin.. Voice from high heavens, speak up..



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